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How great will that be when you earn money with tons of blessings and loads of peace of mind? We offer you a platform that is robust enough to catch your fancy but also involves you in social mission of selling a product which can give better health to your customers.

Simplicity is the key to any great opportunity and we have kept it pretty simple; you choose the role you want to play as per your business ambition and we will put our years of market expertise and strength to ensure your growth. Each of these options has capacity to make a difference to lives of thousands of people around you.

Here’s a brief about our Compensation Plan. Just fill an online form and join our family. The same will entitle you to sell the products of the Company and earn incentives for the same too. Each person joining the Company is known as an Independent Representative..

A person who joins as an Independent Representative in the marketing plan of MFA is eligible for earning incomes through the marketing plan of the Company. Every IR within the company has the opportunity to purchase product at wholesale price and either sell them at retail price or consume them personally. After using the products and feeling satisfied with quality and concept IR can share business opportunity with other people and can sponsor others. Sponsoring other people, you can also begin building a substantial IR associate organization and earn commission from certain retail customers in your referral line. By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, IR can not only build own business network but also enable others to build of their own team. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate to the company because of you.

Want to become a Distributor

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