Its Honey

1. How can I know about the purity of Its Honey?
You can be sure about the purity as it has cleared all the quality standards. The smell also reflects its purity. If honey smell foul means has lost its nutritional value.

2. Does color reflect purity of Its Honey?
No, color does not reflect purity. The color of the honey can change with time and also depends upon the source from which it is extracted.

3. Is thick honey better in quality?
Our product Its Honey is consistent in quality. It is neither too thick nor too liquid. But, to keep the air clean we would say thickness has nothing to do with the quality. The viscosity of Its Honey is consistent as it is obtained from the natural source.

4. Is crystallized honey bad for health?
No, in winters honey gets crystallized. The jars of Its Honey is air tight in nature. Just make sure you keep the lid in place every time you use it. Also keep the bottle in cool & dry place but not in refrigerator.

Its Bone & Joint

1. Can Its Bone & Joint be consumed by people of all age groups?
Yes, Its Bone & Joint can be consumed by people of all age groups. You can take 2 capsules a day to keep the bones and joints healthy. 2-3 capsules can be consumed by the people suffering from pain in joints or any conditions of joints or bones.

2. Is Its Bone & Joint natural in nature?
Yes, all our products are made from ayurvedic herbs. You can check the contents on the bottle of Its Bone & Joint, they all are ayurvedic.

3. I am suffering from osteoporosis /osteoarthritis/ rheumatoid arthritis. Can I take Its Bone & Joint?
Yes, you can take Its Bone & Joint. In fact, our product is designed keeping in mind such conditions of joints. Its Bone & Joint is absolutely safe for consumption as it is ayurvedic in nature as opposed to the chemical based allopathic medicine.

4. How does Its Bone & Joint help in joints pain or recovery?
Its Bone & Joint generate and strengthen soft tissues, cartilage, replenish synovial fluid, reduce pain, reduce swelling in joints and restore normalcy.

Its Kidney Care

1. Can I take Its Kidney Care to recover from prostate issue?
Yes, it is a safe ayurvedic blend designed to clean and improve all the ailments related to kidneys.

2. Is it safe to consume Its Kidney Care if I have Kidney stone?
It is an ayurvedic medicine for Kidney stone. Its Kidney Care works on many levels and therefore on regular consumption the Kidney stones are completely dissolved.

3. Does Its Kidney Care help in curing renal ailments?
Yes, Its Kidney Care helps in regeneration of cells of renal calculi and thus improves overall kidney functions.

4. I have normal health can I consume Its Kidney Care?
Yes, you can consume 1-2 capsules of Its Kidney Care daily to maintain normal health.

Its Power

1. Can Its Power help me improve sperm count?
Its Power help to improve the sperm count by improving the vitality of the overall body functions. The sexual health of an individual reflects the overall hormonal imbalance of the body.

2. Is Its Power a love making drug?
No, Its Power is an ayurvedic health supplement which improves the testosterone balance in the body.

3. Is Its Power a body building supplement?
Its Power is not a body building supplement. It is a food supplement. Regular consumption of Its Power capsules helps in improving the growth of muscles and energy level of the body.

4. Can long term use of Its Power create infertility issues?
No, it is just an ayurvedic health supplement. In fact, presence of Ashwagandha in Its Power improves muscle mass, heart health and reproductive organ health.

Its Pro

1. Can Its Pro cause stone in my body?
No, its rich in protein but it cannot cause stone in your body. It has balance of all the essential nutrients and not just protein. Its Pro has PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility & Conversion to Amino Acid Score) score of ONE that means, it is 100% digestible.

2. Can Its Pro work as a body building supplement?
It is a daily use nutritional supplement. It can help in development and recovery of muscles in a natural way and fulfill the protein requirement of a human body.

3. Can women consume Its Pro ?
Yes, Its Pro is a unisex health supplement. It has nothing to do with male or female sex difference.

Anderson’s CMD

1. What is Anderson’s CMD?
Anderson’s CMD is the concentrated mineral drops which is a great combination of ionic minerals that includes; both macro and micro minerals to fulfill the mineral requirement of human body.

2. Why should I use Anderson’s CMD?
Anderson’s CMD is concentrated supply of minerals and nutrients that we receive from water. In processing of water with chlorine and many other cleansers, these nutrients are lost. The water thus looses all the essential minerals that occur in it naturally. Through the use of Anderson’s CMD the mineral gap of our body is fulfilled.

3. How many drops of Anderson’s CMD can I consume daily?
An adult can consume 20-30 drops each day. For children 5 drops are sufficient.

4. Can Anderson’s CMD act as substitute for water?
No, it is just concentrated mineral drops. You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.