Its Dia Care

Its Dia Care

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“Its DiaCare” from “Nutrition for All” is the perfect formulation of time-tested herbal ingredients that ensures all round good health and keeps diabetics at bay for healthy individuals while helping manage this disease without adverse side effects in those already afflicted. Its DiaCare is a formulation of time-tested ayurvedic herbal ingredients in the right proportion and strength. Herbal ingredients like karela, gudmar, jambu seeds, panveli, cinnamon, fenugreek, amla and banyan tree bark have stood the test of time and have proved to be extremely beneficial for people to help manage blood sugar.

Why Its Dia Care?

  1. It has a positive effect on maintaining and improving liver health, kidney health and pancreas health and even helps in rejuvenation of pancreas.
  2. Its DiaCare improves digestion, excretion of toxins and in purification of blood.
  3. Its DiaCare manages blood sugar levels within safe limits.
  4. People with a genetic predisposition for diabetes, it prevents onset by maintaining good health.
  5. People with diabetes, it helps to control blood sugar and frequent urination, reduces tingling sensation in limbs, fatigue, excessive thirst and hunger symptoms. It activates and rejuvenates vital organs.
  6. People with complications like neuropathy and nephropathy will find it an excellent therapeutic agent to control symptoms and also reduce effects over time.

    Herbs available in “Its DiaCare”

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Who should take Its Dia Care ?

  1. All adults from age 18 to 80 can benefit with a daily dose of Its DiaCare. Regular use will prevent onset of diabetes in healthy people.
  2. Diabetics will find that regular use of Its DiaCare improves liver, kidney and pancreas function and reduces insulin resistance found in some diabetics.
  3. Pregnant women can develop symptoms of diabetes and for them, Its DiaCare is an excellent herbal remedy to prevent diabetes from occurring and thus ensuring healthy child birth with less complications.


  1. Anybody with normal health can take 1-2 capsules per day.
  2. People who are suffering from any kind of diabetes can take 2-3 capsules daily for healthy recovery.
  3. Just two capsules a day after meals is sufficient to provide all the health benefits of Its DiaCare

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