Its Hi-Fiber

Its Hi-Fiber

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Normally, we know fiber as ISABGOL which is insoluble in nature and helps in situation of constipation. Its Hi-Fiber is a unique scientific formulation of selected high fiber concentrates that gives you a mix of soluble fibers in a right proportion. On reconstitution in plain drinkable water, Its Hi Fiber dissolves completely in the water and water regains its clear transparent property without any flavor, taste, colour or thickness unlike other conventional Fibers. *The formulation contains partially hydrolized guar gum, resistance maltodextrine and Inulin in the right proportion. *INULIN is a unique Fiber and is classified as Prebiotic by FSSAI in India. *Its Hi Fiber has many health benefits as per clinical studies conducted world over .

The importance of fiber in diet

Soluble and insoluble fibers are responsible for a variety of health benefits. Fibers “scrape” intestinal walls and remove particles. They bind to toxins in the gut and expel them through the stool. Fiber also reduces levels of bad cholesterol.
Fiber also helps in slowing down carbohydrate processing and conversion of sugar in the liver which, in turn,means a healthy blood sugar level and a feeling of energy throughout the day. By Helping you feel “full”, it reduces your calorie consumption and prevents weight gain and helps in weight management. It helps in keeping the heart, intestines, stomach, kidneys and liver healthy for life. Fiber in diet also helps detoxify and rejuvenate. It helps in constipation, better digestion and better cardiovascular health. It also helps improvement in Blood Glucose levels including Glycemic Index (GI), Insulin, TriglyCeride etc.

Properties and benefits of ingredientsof Its Hi-Fiber

Partially hydrolyzed Guar Gum : It's a unique in being a soluble dietary fiber with specific action in the gut.

  1. Guar gum has a low glycemic index and it is suitable for diabetics. There are no “spikes” of sugar in the blood since it serves as a regulatory mechanism. It also helps reduce glycemic index.
  2. It has a combination effect of binding to toxins and bad bacteria in the gut thereby improving liver function, reducing cholesterol and arterial plaque and thus minimizing cardiovascular problems.


It have unique properties such as:

  1. A positive prebiotic, bifidogenic effect
  2. Increasing protection to inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract
  3. Improved Intestinal Health and Healthier Gut Flora.
  4. Increasing Calcium absorption and bone density

Resistance Maltodextrin:

Resistance Maltodextrin is a form of sugar molecule that has surprisingly positive benefits and helps maintain healthy bowel movement, blood glucose, Insulin, TriglyCeride. Where sugar is broken down and processed into glycogen and then into fat,resistant maltodextrin manages calorie intake and acts as the best substitute for sugar with none of the adverse effects. It supplies energy steadily without the undesirable energy spikes and lows caused by sugar and keeps the person who consumes it in a consistently active, energetic state.

How to consume?

  1. The simplest way to enjoy benefits of Its Hi-Fiber is to mix one spoonful in water and take two servings per day. It Can be added to lassi and fruit juices as well.
  2. It can also be used in curries and dals as a source of fiber.

    Side effects: None. It is neutral high concentration soluble fiber combination that has no adverse effect on health.


    Its Hi-Fiber is available in 200 gram Tin jar packing.

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