Its Kidney Care

Its Kidney Care

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“Nutrition for All” brings to you – “ITS Kidney Care” a total renal health product composed entirely of chosen herbs proven in Ayurveda for treatment of a variety of kidney related ailments and to maintain kidney health in normal adults. “ITS Kidney Care” is a kidney tonic and kidney health formulation combined into one powerful formulation to provide safe, effective relief. With the regular use of herbs used in ITS Kidney Care, you gain relief from kidney ailments in a painless and safe way. The kidneys are vital organs in the human body responsible for maintaining balance of electrolytes, blood pressure regulation, for removing waste products of metabolism and other important functions. Ayurvedic herbs for kidneys are safe, do not have side effects and bring about long term general improvements through regular use.

Who Should Take ITS Kidney Care

The herbs used in ITS Kidney Care are highly effective in persistent and chronic conditions like excessive urination, burning during urination, blood in urine, impaired renal functions due to infections or cysts, removal of kidney stones (sizes up to 13 mm), prostate related issues and for detoxification as well.

People with impaired kidney functions due to disease or pathogens and people with kidney stones will benefit since the herbs used in ITS Kidney Care provide relief, cure conditions and proven in Ayurveda to dissolve kidney stones.

ITS Kidney Care can also be consumed by people with normal health in order to ensure health of their kidneys and to remove toxins. It can help strengthen kidneys and prevents damage.

Why ITS Kidney Care

Impaired functioning of the kidneys can cause toxicity in the body and the long term effect is that of renal failure. ITS Kidney Care is an ideal formulation of choicest herbs with benefits specific to renal functions and also benefits to overall systemic health.

Regular use can help dissolve small and medium sized kidney stones up to 13 mm in size.

People with prostate issues that affect kidney functions can benefit as the herbs used in ITS Kidney Care reduces prostate and kidney inflammation and helps in urination.

It brings about relief for people with urinary tract infection that causes burning sensations while passing urine.

Over time ITS Kidney Care helps to regenerate damaged tissues in the kidney and to restore the functions that will help in better enjoyment of health and life.

Benefits of the herbs present in ITS Kidney Care

The Ayurvedic herbs available in ITS Kidney Care have the following benefits:

Hazrul Yahud Bhasma: It is made of a grey color round stone that looks like the Indian plum and it has stone dissolving properties.
Shweta Parpati: Shweta Parpati, also known as kshara parpati comprised of purified potassium nitrate, potash alum and ammonium chloride put through a special process and it helps in difficulty in urination and urinary calculi.
Gokshuradi Guggul: This component is made up of gokshura, guggul, black pepper, ginger, pippali, amla, bibhitaki, haritaki and nagarmoth with antilithiatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-hypertensive, anti-gout, analgesic and adaptogenic properties to control uric acid levels in the body.
Varun:. Varun is a herb that is of immense benefit in renal calculi and it also works as a diuretic
Punarnava: Punarnava has anti-inflammatory, antifibrinolytic, antibacterial and diuretic properties and helps to lower blood pressure, relax muscle cells and improve heart health as well as gastrointestinal health.
Yavakshar: Yavakshar has barley plant at the base and it helps promote urination, relieves abdominal pain and reduces urinary calculi as well as bloating, cough, piles, heart disorders and anemia.
Shaileyam: Also known as stone flowers or patthar ke phool, this is a lichen with anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties to promote health of reproductive organs.
Apamarg: Apamarg is also known as Chirchira, is a power herb useful for treatment of tumors and obesity as well as fistula.
Kulitha: Also known as horsegram in English and Kulthi in Hindi, it is a popular food item in the South said to have warming effect and to strengthen the body besides being a diuretic.
Ushir: Known commonly as khas-khas grass, it reduces effect of pitta, improves digestion, reduces bleeding and also pacifies kapha besides being antiemetic, astringent, antidipsetic and carminative, helping to reduce burning sensation after passing or during passing of urine.
Kakdi beej:. Seeds of cucumber, kakdi beej are helpful as a diuretic and cooling agent
Pashanbhed: Besides being useful in diarrhoea and stomach ailments, the chief use of pashanbhed is to dissolve kidney stones and reduce burning and blood in urination.


  • Patients with any kidney related problem even those on dialysis, are recommended to consume 3 capsules a day. Dosage may be increased for patients with kidney symptoms.
  • People with normal health can take 1 capsule each day at night to ensure better kidney health is maintained throughout life.

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