Its Livo-Care

Its Livo-Care

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Great importance is placed on healthy cardiovascular functions. However, the Liver is equally important for overall health. It plays an important role in digestion, metabolism, in production of blood and in removal of toxins. Health of liver is important for weight regulation and for energy and for sugar metabolism. The Liver also stores iron, copper, Vitamin D, A and B12. The best way to keep your Liver in good health is to turn to ayurvedic herbal products that are time tested and proven. These herbs also help in repairing damaged or weakened Liver. NutritionForAll introduces Its Livo Care, an ayurvedic medicine to strengthen liver’s health which is a combination of ayurvedic herbs.

Why Its Livo Care?

  • Its Livo Care is the perfect combination of 12 ayurvedic herbs.
  • These Herbs known for their beneficial effects on liver.
  • Its Livo Care strengthen your liver's health.
  • Its Livo Care can help you in improving weakened liver's health.

Herbs available in "Its Livo-Care"

1. Kutki7. Kalmegh
2. Makoy8. Bhui Amla
3. Kasmarada9. Revandchini
4. Biranjasipha10. Kaasni
5. Sharpunkha11. Daruharidra
6. Punarnava12. Guduchi

Who should take Its Livo Care ?

  • Healthy people can take Its Livo-Care each day.
  • People who are recovering from any liver disease can take Its Livo-Care for recovery.
  • Alcoholics can ensure good health of their Liver by consuming Its Livo-Care every day.


  • Anybody with normal health can take 2 capsules per day.
  • People who are suffering from any kind of Liver ailment can take 2-3 capsules daily for healthy recovery.
  • It can be consumed regularly as a daily dietary supplement for a healthy liver.

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